I'm so SICK of this Dandruff!!

Question: PLEASE can someone help me!

Im sick of creating a mini powdery snowstorm if I rub my head!

I have very short hair, but seemingly always have dandruff, which makes me very self conscious as I work for Marks and Spencer, who have an all black uniform!

I have tried several anti dandruff shampoos from Fructis to Head and Shoulders with no luck, sometimes it worsening the problem!

I have tried several body/shower/hair gels such as "Tramp", "Happy Hippy" and "Olive Branch" all from Lush soap shops.

I have tried washing using just actual soap and water.

I have tried washing with just water. (Hot and Cold)

I have tried NOT washing.

I have tried the Listerine trick too, which my dad told me about as it works for him, but it doesnt work for me and its expensive to maintain!

So can anyone else give me any advice at all? Im really at my wit's end, Im sick of having dandruff, it makes me feel so self conscious!

My next thought was to try this T-Gel from the chemist, but it's pricy, and Im worried its going to be yet another anti dandruff shampoo that wont work!

Any help very much appreciated!

I'm replying from my wife kittywitty's HealthBoards account at her request since I experience this (don't have one myself).

I've had dandruff (extreme at times) off and on since my late teens. I never really wore hats or other stuff that cut off the airflow to my scalp and hair so I don't know why my head gets so dry at times. I never used to use conditioner until my wife finally convinced me that would be helpful, so that might've been part of my problem.

Anyways, on to what helps me. I've tried most of the shampoos you've mentioned, along with others, without much success. The ONLY shampoo that even helps to control my dandruff AT ALL when it comes back is Denorex. The coal tar version is slightly better in helping than the non-coal tar Denorex (in my case anyways). The first few times you use it you will experience a "tingling" sensation in your scalp, which almost feels like a "cold fire" over the area the shampoo is applied. This means it's working. I never got these feelings with other dandruff shampoos.

Word of warning: like the bottle's instructions mention: Do not use for long periods of time. Alternate washing your hair with maybe 1/2 to 1 whole bottle until your dandruff starts decreasing and then try to find a normal shampoo and conditioner mix that will be good for your hair normally. After a couple months or so you might need to go back to the Denorex for awhile if the dandruff starts coming back.

It costs between $8 - $10 US a bottle, but for me it's worth it, since it helps. Your mileage may vary. Also, like I mentioned above, it's best to let your scalp breathe, so don't wear hats very often if you can help it. Sweat builds up underneath them and dries your scalp out (your natural oils in your hair).

For whatever it's worth the following method worked for me after years of using various dandruff shampoos and lotions with limited success. I gently wash my hair with an over the counter T-Gel shampoo and let it the suds stay on my scalp for about five minutes. I then rinse it off with COLD water by just pouring it over my head a couple of times. Finally I pat dry my hair ( no hair dryer ) and comb it with a broad tooth comb. I don't know what the last thing or two does but since this works for me, it has become routine. Why kick a winner in the butt? Hope this gives you some relief!

Many thanks, but upon looking up T-Gel and seeing that it's over 6.00/$12.00 for a tiny bottle... I think I'll pass!

Might try the Listerine thing again...

I've found the best products for dandruff to be those that contain Salicylic Acid. There are several shampoos and conditioners on the market as well as a topical solution, Scalpicin, which may be applied several times throughout the day. Should ALL efforts fail, you may not actually have dandruff. It's possible to have a yeast infection of the scalp. In the U.S. there is a antifungal shampoo by Rx for this, but it does take a long time to treat.

Good luck!
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