Biotin - how long??

Question: For those of you that take (or have taken) biotin, how long did you take it before you saw results? Also, what dosage were (are) you taking? I've been taking 5mg (5000mcg) for about two weeks. Obviously, that's not a long enough time to see results, but I was just wondering when could I expect to see any? I have a 60-day supply and I'm hoping to see some improvement by then. My hair is very thin due to medications I've taken in the past, you can see my scalp, especially when my hair is wet. I'm not taking any meds at all now. The last one I was on, I went off of just over a month ago. I used to have really thick hair and I miss it. I'm really depressed about this. It seems everywhere I look lately, I see women with long thick hair, and it really bums me out. Please don't suggest Rogaine, as I'm not interested in trying that. TIA for any replies.

Hi Kittywitty!

I take Biotin Forte 3mg as recommended by my dermatologist. I also take iron supplements for low iron. I have been taking the Biotin since Jan. 21st. I don't really see any improvement yet. Maybe a little less hair loss, and maybe some regrow around my crown - but I think that was coming in before. I have a little new growth, but I keep losing hair faster than I am replacing it.

I used to have super thick hair too - my hair stylist usually had to go through and thin it out a little. I notice people's hair more now that I am so obsessed about mine. However, I have also noticed a lot of women's hair that is really thin too.

I am taking biotin for my nails/hands due to dry weather and I saw results almost right away. I did not notice anything on my hair but went for a cut Saturday and the stylist noticed improvement.

Thank you both for your replies.

Bunny - What is the difference between regular Biotin and the Forte? My father was a barber when I was younger, and I would have him thin out my hair because I didn't like the thickness. Regarding other women's hair, maybe they're wearing extensions? Looks awful natural to me, though. I don't want to get extensions because they can make your hair thin even more and I certainly don't need that.

2plus1not3 - How long have you been taking it? What's your dosage?

Biotin Forte has Biotin plus other vitamins.

My bottle says Biotin Forte 3mg with Zinc. It also has...

Vitamin C 333%
Thiamin 667%
Riboflavin 588%
Niacin 200%
Vitamin B6 1250%
Folic Acid 200%
Vitamin B12 167%
Biotin 1000%
Pantothenic Acid 100%
Zinc 200%

I had a hard time finding it at regular pharmacies.
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